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Re: REQUEST : Why do you belive in Hinduism?

Posted By Anil Londhe (itechsom@voicenet.com)
5 Jan 1997 19:18:02 GMT

Gary Stevason <caitanya@torfree.net> wrote in article
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I will tell you why I believe in Hinduism.

Hinduism believes in one God. The Trimurthi represents the three aspects
of God. The Creation, Preservation and Destruction of this universe.

"Truth (God) is one. Sages call it by many names." Thus, God can be
reached through different religions. No one religion has monopoly over

Reverence for all life - Vegetarianism and love for all life - plant or
animal. Trees, Rivers, mountains, snakes, monkeys,cows, etc. are worshipped
as part of God's creation. God is present in all his creation, including
human beings.

Dharma - duty

Reincarnation/Moksha (release)

Hinduism had no founders.

Major Gods: Dieties are attributes (qualities) of the same one God.
Lord Ganesh,- Remover of Obstacles.
Lord Brahma, - represents Creation
Lord Vishnu, - represents Preservation. Hence Lord Vishnu came down to
the earth to destroy evil in form(avatar) of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.
Lord Shiva.- Represents Destruction
Saraswati - learning and knowledge

Vedas: The word Veda means "knowledge". They are of great antiquity.
There are four Vedas. They are the major books of Hindusim.
1. Rig Veda
2.Artha Veda
3. Sama Veda
Yajur Veda

Mahabharat- Ramayan are the great epics

Bhagvat Gita or "The Song of the Blessed Lord" is part of the great epic

Hinduism is also the most ancient religion of the world.

Hinduism is the most tolerant religion in the world. There are no heretics
and there is total freedom in religion. That is why it is most attractive
to me.

That is some of the reasons why I beleive in Hinduism.


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