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Re: ARTICLE : Modern Discoveries in Ancient Works

Posted By lindires (lindires@oakland.edu)
4 Jan 1997 14:50:25 GMT

Rajan P. Parrikar <parrikar@spot.Colorado.EDU> wrote:
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> > Modern Discoveries in Ancient Works
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> > By : Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati
The purpose of this post is to just set some basic facts
right. The quoted Author was one of the personalities who long graced
our times and truly belonged to the lineage of ancient rShi's
that India has always been known for. I have read printed
versions of his discourses, heard his talks, have had the
opportunity of discussing with people who knew him well and had
the privilege of reading writings by authors about him who had
the competence to evaluate one's spiritual accomplishments. My
humble summary of him (not truly competent to do though) yet is
that he was a true jnAnin. Many eminent people trained in the current
mode of education have gone on record about his 'insight' into
modern problems and his remarkable grasp of the core of issues
in their meetings with him at various points of time. He was a
truly Self-realized jnAnin that trod upon this earth in our

No where as I have known, has he made such fantastic claims for
the Vedantins, or the Sanatana Dharmists (pardon my usage) or
the Hindu zealots. It is true though that he has 'suggested'
possible links to the ancient Vedic seers, their culture and
the remote Mayan civilizations in the Latin American areas.
Further, he has not as far I know, spoken lightly of the eminent
scientists of their achievements. The farthest he had gone was
to lament the total abandonment of the traditional training in
the education system and adopt the totally Western oriented
education system without any fostering of the local traditions.
He has even in his talks made jocular references to the neither-
here-nor-there (ABCD in current parlance) of the brilliant but
unsure modernists.

My request to people who want to garner credit for the Hindu
accomplishment by citing realized souls is just this -

Please do not quote 'out-of-context, non-existent, convenient-
to-the-point' articles without verifying the authenticity of
such. In the recent times, especially since the RJB times,
claiming everything to be of the Hindu origin is a fad that
better be checked.


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