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Re: ARTICLE : Religious conversion is wrong

Posted By Randy Leighton (leighton@hsc.usc.edu)
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 17:04:02 GMT

"Anil Londhe" <itechsom@voicenet.com> wrote:

>Religious conversion is wrong. When one claims that one's religion is the
>superior religion, then it becomes just as bad as saying that one race is
>superior than the other race.

Oh, I don't know about that. I think it's pretty clear that sanatana
dharma is superior to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. The
first three are rooted in a material understanding of existence. They
don't know God. They just know of God. And even then, their knowlege
is woefully incomplete. Buddhism is atheistic. They don't talk about
God, at all.

>God is too immense to be covered by one religion.
You are absolutely right. But, to use an expression from another
faith, aren't you preaching to the choir? You might want to post this
to some of the alt.christnet groups. Actually, some Christians, like
the born-agains, feel it is their religious duty to show a lack of
respect for other religions. They want to show they are above
falsehood and superstition. Their proof is that they can insult 'your
god' with impunity.

> Take the example of Pat Roberston, who said on his 700
>Club TV show that, Hindus in India live in grinding poverty because of
>their faith. Since when did material poverty translate into spiritual

This is a corrolary to the idea that America is wealthy because it's a
Christian country that follows the Protestant work ethic. The real
reason this country is wealthy is that 350 years ago, when the
Europeans began to move in, it was rich in natural resources that
hadn't been exploited by the native population. What the Europens
believed about the nature of reality certainly had nothing to do the
fact that there was copper, silver, gold, oil, coal, natural gas,
fertile topsoil and plenty of trees in North America.

Hari bol!



Personally, I'm all for educating them.

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