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Re: NEWS : RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite

Posted By Shrisha Rao (shrao@nyx.net)
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 07:25:19 -0700 (MST)

Mani Varadarajan <mani@be.com> wrote:

> Amidst some other blather,
> ofbjp@netcom.com (News-Info) informs us about what the
> head of the RSS said:
> >
> > Because of the pile up of nuclear weapons, the 21st century would of
> > necessity have to be the century of peace and India was among the few
> > nations of the world capable of providing peaceful leadership ...
> India, provide peaceful leadership? With the RSS and BJP at
> the forefront?!

It is interesting that you envision the RSS and BJP at the forefront
in the 21st century...

> [blah blah]
> > He also attacked the invasion of the West in Indian lifestyle and the
> > continued dominance of English over Hindi, which he said was spoken by 400
> > million people and understood by 600 million as against English, spoken by
> > just 350 million people. ...
> What about the invasion of non-Hindi speaking Indian subcultures
> by Hindi?

A figment of some "Dravida" politicians' imagination. For one thing,
I have much trouble understanding how a subculture could be invaded by
a language, or in fact, how any one insentient could invade an
insentient of a completely different type.

> Is this not just as evil? We are rapidly seeing the
> erosion of illustrious and ancient subcultures because of
> political dominance by Hindi.

No, we're not. But we are seeing such "erosion of illustrious and
ancient subcultures" because of the influence of Western values and
lifestyles. That's a real problem worth thinking of.

> Is this debate merely English vs. Hindi?


> Should it not be phrased as imposition vs. anti-imposition?

No. Because a rational, point-by-point, fact-based discussion is
preferable over a shrill, emotional, ad-hominem outburst.

> > He said the Muslims should realize that 1,400 years ago Kashi, Mathura
> > and Ayodhya were Hindu cities. They should be handed back to their
> > Hindu elder brothers and join hands in taking the country forward.
> >
> So, in the RSS's opinion, the Muslims ``own'' Kashi, Mathura
> and Ayodhya? If not, what then are they supposed to ``give''
> back?

Well, see. Suppose I'm walking in any downtown street of a large city
at night. Some passing mugger decides to take an interest, and grabs
my wallet. Now, does he own my wallet? I would say not! If not,
what does he have to give back? Nothing! As such, my wallet is now
his. Right? Perhaps. Only, I think there's something wrong with
this picture, and perhaps others might agree.

> Are all RSS statements so inane?

I can see some shortcomings in their statements, and truth be told, I
think the RSS is too much of a top-down organization where the lower
rungs are expected to worship the highers, and there is nary any
admission that there is _anything_ at all subject to improvement, as
there must be in any organization made up of mortal, limited human
beings. The OFBJP-USA is a damn spam nuisance and only has the effect
of making people think ill of the organization it purports to
represent, but your criticisms themselves hardly carry any water.


Shrisha Rao

> Mani


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