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ARTICLE : Scientific Explanation

Posted By N_Ramakrishan (nrkrish@hss.hns.com)
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 08:42:40 +0500

> Dear all,
> as a Hindu youth having grown up in the US, I was wondering whether someone
> might be able to give a somewhat detailed (scientific if possible) explanation
> of the meanings behind such things as:
> RAVAGALAM, YAMAGANDAM, etc... I only know from my parents that these are
> certain unlucky times of day etc. but I wanted to know the reasoning behind
> that. Please email: kir@po.cwru.edu.

I will try to give the information which I have This may not
sound very Convincing But it sure a very good theory.

These periods
Raghukalam, YamaGnadam , Kulikai (another one is also there)
These are the time when the planetary positions are not
favarouble (Have a bad effect on the Biorythms and thus
affecting the happenings . Thus it better to avoid.
(do you know there some Deities who are worshipped only in
raghukalam or similar? I think One is Iddumban (a demigod)
who is a devvotee of Lord Muruga or Karthikeyan)

N Ramakrishnan

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