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Re: REQUEST : Why do you belive in Hinduism?

Posted By Shrisha Rao (shrao@nyx.net)
6 Jan 1997 20:23:08 -0700

In article <ghenE3LwIq.FBF@netcom.com>,
Anil Londhe <itechsom@voicenet.com> wrote:

>"Truth (God) is one. Sages call it by many names." Thus, God can be
>reached through different religions. No one religion has monopoly over

Not at all. First of all, `ekaM sat.h' is not the same as `ekaM
satya'; if the latter were what the Veda said, then your translation
might be acceptable. Besides, why do you think the Purusha Suukta
says `nAnyaH panthA vidyate ayanAya'? That clearly states that there
is only one path and no other. It may be your theory that "God can be
reached through different religions," but that is not what the Vedas
say, make no mistake.


Shrisha Rao



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