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REQUEST : Hinduism : Where do I start to learn?

Posted By Dinesh Mahtani (mahtani@mozart.inet.co.th)
Wed, 08 Jan 97 23:52:05 GMT


I'm trying to 'get back to my roots' and understand the Hindu religion. I was
wondering if someone could help me by pointing me to a www site or a good book
that basically gives me some fundamentals of the religion.

There are so many things about the Hindu religion which I dont understand, and
to date, remain unanswered. Both my parents are practicing Hindus, but cant
explain the meaning of many of their belifs. They simply follow their parents
teachings, and accepted them. For me this 'my parents told me so' attitude
doesnt hold, as I dont belive in the 'blind leading the blind'.

I'd appreciate it if responses could be emailed as my newsgroups
server/software has been acting a little strange.

Thanx in advance and have a nice day,

Dinesh Mahtani.

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