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Re: WWW : Hindu Calendar Page Online

Posted By Dr. Jai Maharaj (jai@aloha.com)
9 Jan 1997 04:29:46 GMT

In article <ghenE3nn4x.46K@netcom.com> ,
on Tue, 7 Jan 1997 20:19:45 UTC,
Global Hindu Electronic Network <ghen@netcom.com> posted:
> Global Hindu Electronic Network is pleased to
> announce a new webpage "Hindu Calendar" on its web
> site, The Hindu
> Universe. URL for this pages is :
> http://www.hindunet.org/hindu_calendar/
> This page contains comprehensive information about
> Hindu calendar, including . . .

Please accept my gratitude for offering information
about calendars at the site. Permit me to make a
comment or two about the first page that comes up. In
it are listed "Months in the Hindu Calendar" and the
number of days in each. The month of Chaitr(a) is
listed as containing 30 days, which is true in the
Skak(a) year number which when divided by 4 does not
leave 2 as a remainder. In the years where division by
4 does leave 2 as a remainder, Chaitr(a) contains 31
days. This particular calendar is really more a
"national calendar" than a "Hindu calendar" since
month-beginning dates are pegged to dates in the common
Gregorian calendar. May I continue to send comments on
as I become more familiar with the site? Again,
Dhanyavaad for the excellent Sevaa to the Hindu

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Best wishes for the future!
%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:%:% Om Shanti %:%:%

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