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REQUEST : vedic aryan hindu god Indra

Posted By scuratolo@hoexch.ho.lucent.com (scuratolo@hoexch.ho.lucent.com)
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 10:55:32 -0400

To whom it may concern:

I need your assistance in locating a color photograph/lithograph of the
Vedic Aryan Hindu god Indra. I understand it is much revered in
Kathmandu Nepal. The Indrajatra is coming up in Aug-Sep and it would
mean a lot to me if you could help me locate a quality representation
(16x19&3/4 inches) so I can frame it. Please indicate the cost that will
be incurred and I will pay you as you indicate.

Thanks for your kind assistance in this matter and I hope to hear from
you soon.



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