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As elaborate as these Yogasana sound, it would take up no more than few minutes per day!  Looking for Hindu Resources? : Check out The Hindu Universe
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Yogasanasa - Yoga Exercises

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Time: 1/2 minute each leg
  • Lie down on your back.
  • Breath in.
  • Then fold the left leg from the knees.
  • Hold the fingers together and bring the folded leg to touch the stomach.
  • Lift the head and touch the nose to the knee. The other leg remains straight. Hold the breath.
  • Come to original position and leave the breath.
  • Follow the same for the other leg.
  • NOTE: This asan can also be done with both the knees folded.
Benefits: Removes gas from the abdomen and reduces abdominal fat. Increases the flexibility of the knees and hips.

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